1st Ego4D Workshop @ CVPR 2022

Held in conjunction with 10th EPIC Workshop

For details about the Ego4D project and data, please refer to the dataset's webpage

1st Ego4D Workshop @CVPR2022 Organisers

  • Kristen Grauman, Facebook AI Research
  • Jitendra Malik, Facebook AI Research
  • Mike Zheng Shou, NUS Singapore
  • Rohit Girdhar, Facebook AI Research
  • Giovanni Maria Farinella, University of Catania
  • Jim Rehg, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Andrew Westbury, Facebook AI Research
  • Dima Damen, University of Bristol
  • Hyun Soo Park, University of Minnesota

Andrew Zisserman, VGG Oxford

Jitendra Malik, UC Berkeley

Vittorio Ferrari, Google

Serge Belongie, University of Copenhagen

Invited Talks

We have several invited talks scheduled for the workshop


Does the workshop have any proceedings?

Yes, for submissions to the Joint 1st Ego4D and 10th EPIC workshop, check the submission instructions here

When will the challenges open/close?

The Ego4D challenges are open - please see the challenge documentation here.